The project

During 2018, CEAR PV launched the “Encontres d’exili” project, sharing and contributing to the (re)knowledge of refugees with the aim of promoting a culture of peace, solidarity and human rights from a justice, memory and repair. The project, materialized in a documentary, has had and has a great reception and incidence.

Through a research process, and following a methodology of interviews with refugees and exiles, we recovered testimonies from people who lived in exile at the end of the war and during the Franco regime, identifying analogies in the experiences of some refugees who have ended up in Valencia in recent years. Rescuing shared memories allows us to remember what we lived through in previous decades, search for the elements that unite us in the experience, and learn from our history to find the factors that allow us to better welcome those who arrive here today.

This new project that we are presenting and which continues, amplifies and implements the previous one, is entitled “Encounters with Exile“. We plan to advance the impact of the documentary and we present the creation of a more comprehensive platform that collects different didactic tools for awareness, reflection and advocacy.

The microsite contains an interactive and didactic map on the Valencian exile as a consequence of the Civil War, the Francoist victory and the social, political and economic repression. Files of 12 countries and of Valencian people or people who had some link with Valencia have been prepared in a mini biography format. For the elaboration of the biographical sheets we have had the collaboration of the collective Arada Feminismes i Memòria, which from the perspective of gender has focused research on women who suffered persecution or violence during the Civil War and the Franco regime.

The documentary has been subtitled in Spanish and English. In addition, the recording material with people interviewed that did not appear in the documentary has been edited and is available on the web.

We have been adding to the project, with the help of people and entities related to teaching and education, didactic materials for different ages. This guide to educational activities is designed so that teachers can work with students inside and outside the classroom.

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